Improve the network policy of Kubernetes based on zero trust architecture

2021 AIS3 topic

This tools can scan your network policy of pod config .

usage: [-h] [-i REQFILE] [-c TEMPNUM] [-l] [-o OUTFILE] [-f DEPLOY]

optional arguments:
  -h, --help  show this help message and exit
  -i REQFILE  Pod Network Policy Request file
  -c TEMPNUM  Choose The Template Num to compare yaml file
  -l, --list  Lists Network Policies
  -o OUTFILE  Export YAML Template File
  -f DEPLOY   Depoly YAML to k8s network policy.

    python -i test.yaml       # compare defult template
    pythno -i test.yaml -c 1  # comapre test.yaml with your choose template of network policy
    python -c 1 -o output.yaml # choose template of network policy then output dest yaml
    python -f test.yaml # apply test.yaml to k8s pod network policy

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